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2021 Members' Choice Award

2021 Members' Choice Award

The WGC will award a second Member's Choice Award in the amount of $4,639.50 in 2021. Nominations from members are currently being accepted through October 20, 2021. For more information, see the letter sent to members on October 7, 2021 linked below.

Letter to Members re: Members' Choice Award Nominations 

FAQ Document re: Members' Choice Award Nominations

2020 - The Inuagural Members' Choice Award

The Harford County Family Assistance Fund was named as the recipient of the inaugural Members' Choice Award in the amount of $4,735.54 on December 1, 2020 during a videconference with members. Below is a quote from member Marlene Lieb's application nominating the Fund for the award:

Over my years of serving on the Harford County Dept. of Social Services Board (DSS), and in my 6 years as a foster parent in Harford County, I have witnessed first-hand the impact of the funds raised in support of programs whose funding is not part of the State DSS operating budget.

It (the Family Assistance Fund) provides support in Harford County for school clothing and supplies for foster children, Nurturing Parenting programs, Ready By 21 programming, Adoption and Reunification celebrations and other services that support foster care and help children and families thrive.

Learn more about the Harford County Family Assistance Fund in this video featuring Jerry Reyerson from the Harford County Department of Social Services and Marlene Lieb, the WGC member who nominated the Fund for the Members' Choice Award.

Click the link below to view the video:

WGC MCA 2020.mp4

About the Members’ Choice Award

When they established the Women’s Giving Circle in 2011, our founding members pledged to set aside 25% of each yearly contribution in an endowment fund. This fund empowers our members’ contributions to grow far into the future.

They also agreed that, once the fund reached $100,000, distributions as allowable could be used to supplement WGC’s ongoing annual grant fund or to create a separate award. Now, the endowment fund has grown to more than $159,000 and allowed us to grant the first Members’ Choice Award in 2020 in the amount of $4,735.54.

We are elated to expand our support to Harford County’s nonprofits. Building more than $159,000 in our endowment fund is a tribute to our members' ongoing passion for personal philanthropy and for their compassionate support for our neighbors.

Should you have questions about the award or the process, please email the Members' Choice Award committee at wgcmemberschoice@gmail.com.

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